“Theremin Hero” First ever attempt – The Portal song (Still Alive) on Theremin.

f you dont know what a Theremin is, wikipedia it!

A simple concept – hard to believe no-one has tried this until now.
Take any singing game (e.g. Rock band) and “mod” the microphone – bury it into headphones which are playing only the Theremin output quite loud – but not loud enough to distort the sound.

Choose your song and go for it!

I chose The Portal song “Still Alive” by GLADoS. Its not often possible to bring three things I love together; Portal, Rock Band and Theremin. Today it was, and it was ALOT of fun.

I’m playing a Moog Etherwave Standard – with a few mistakes. Mainly because I wasnt taking this too seriously. If it catches on I’ll try for a 100% Full Combo, and some more difficult songs.

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Zelda Main Theme on Theremin – Full Version (Termina Field Orchestration)

My tribute to the video that began my fascination with the Theremin – The legend of zelda theme by Randy George (ooo6).
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJYho5…

If you dont know what a theremin is, look it up on wikipedia!

This is the (digitally) orchestrated version of the theme that plays in Majora’s Mask, in Termina Field. I’m playing along on a Moog Etherwave Standard.

I know this performance has quite a few flaws, but its the best I can do at my current level / theremin for such a fast piece. I’m hoping this will prompt Randy to show us how it should REALLY be done.

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And yes, I know the headphones look ridiculous.
The bottom lines of the T-shirt read “The first step is admitting you have a problem”, for anyone who as wondering!

Played on Theremin: Tsuisou / Bratja (Brothers) from Fullmetal Alchemist Soundtrack OST

My favourite track from the incredible soundtrack of FMA. Even if you dont like the anime, this soundtrack is still worth a listen. Here I’m playing a Moog Etherwave Theremin. Wikipedia theremin if you dont know what it is!

No cutomised backing track, I’m just playing along. Sorry about the length, its a bit too long for my liking, but I couldnt see anywhere to cut it that would sound right.

This was recorded pretty much on a whim, with very little practice.
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And yes, the headphones do look a bit silly.

I wonder what thoes three boxes on top of the 360 are… 😉

Halo 3 Title theme played on Theremin – Unforgotten aka Never Forget

nother one of my favourite game soundtracks. This is the track that plays in the title screen called “Unforgotten” or “Never forget” – depending who you ask. No custom backing track this time.. I just played along.

Played on Moog Etherwave, with slight reverb added.

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In case you were wondering why the projector is flickering, its because its a DLP projector. It only appears to flicker through the camera.

Zelda OOT “Lon Lon Ranch” on Theremin (aka Epona’s Song)

My second theremin video, played on a Moog Etherwave. I was inspired to record this after hearing the excellent orchestrated Zelda OOT album and then finding very little of the zelda soundtrack has been played on theremin. This is one of my favourite themes from the game. The theremin works perfectly for it IMO. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to Randy George (among others) for giving me a reason to buy a Theremin. It’s an incredible instrument.

Aquatic Ambiance on Theremin (DKC music)

My first theremin video!
Aquatic Ambiance from Donkey Kong Country (SNES) played on Moog Etherwave.
I needed something easy(ish) to start with, this seemed ideal.

The piano part was recorded seperately using a pitch-to-midi filter that I “built” using bidule and Pure Data (pd).
I realised quickly that this part was too fast to play normally (at my level), plus the piano sounds better anyway, especially with the echo switched on.

The biggest challange for me is keeping in tune. There are still some off-sounding notes in this recording. Hopefully I will improve and will put up more theremin videos soon. Trust me, The pros make it look WAY easier than it is.