Theremin Hero @ 8-Bit Nights, Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, 27th Jan


I’ll be joining the following artists for a night of chiptune goodness! Expect theremin and lasers from my side of the proceedings!

Fragile Chaos (Edinburgh)

X Critical Strike X (Middlesbrough)

Wolves That Byte (Aberdeen)

To keep up to date with the news check out the 8-Bit Nights Facebook page.



Where’s all my 8-bit music, then?

I’ve had a bunch of people asking me recently where they can listen to my new chiptunes.
The answer is… they are coming! I’ve been concentrating on my live act until recently, and the tracks need a bit more work before they are ready for putting on soundcloud, and after this I could use a tool from sites as to make the songs more popular. So please, be patient!  They are coming 🙂

In the mean time, here’s my a rough version of my zelda track. The main (i.e. most recognisable) part starts at 6:45.

Zelda 8-Bit & Theremin Remix (Full Version) by thereminhero