What / Who is ThereminHero?

This site documents the Laser Harp & theremin related endevours of thereminist and technlogy enthusiast Greig Stewart. I am a Software Engineer by day, but my interests primarily lie in video game music, gaming, gadgets, programming and making music in creative, geeky ways.

So, What is ThereminHero?

Answer: It is many things (at least to me)! It is:

  1. My Alias / Stage Persona.
  2. A project I’ve been working on in a small percentage of my spare time to play guitar hero / rock band with a theremin. This was achieved in 2010 and the video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBhOB7CfUoY
  3. A collection of (mosltly) game-related music, chiptune remixes and collaborations that I’ve been posting on YouTube (and on here).

Contact: greig@thereminhero.com

Bookings: bookings@thereminhero.com

14 thoughts on “What / Who is ThereminHero?

  1. dude, the mermaid video is fucking amazing! we’ll definitely need to get you to play this live with us when we come to glasgow someday. you in or what?

    you’re the man!!


  2. Dude, I look exactly like you. Some friends of mine pointed me to your videos simply because we look so much alike (facial characteristics). I’m also a computer programmer 🙂

  3. I have just watched your live show on BGT. Absolutely loved it mate. Simon and Amanda know nothing! Loved your song choices. Cant wait to hear more…

  4. Great performance on Bgt! I think you should work with other genres of music like dubstep, hip hop, house etc. Also can you u programme words into the laser harp? If you are performing in london drop me an email because I’m coming.

    Also my friends and I are break dancers we have performed in the past with live bands and I would love to perform a set with you to bring something different to the stage. Please drop me an email when you have time.

    Good luck

    Chris Rainey

    1. Hi Chris,

      My preferred music is anything that is geeky, especially Chiptune, which is what I’ve been writing recently. I don’t really like Dubstep.

      Yes it is possible to use a sampler with the harp. It isn’t very musically impressive but it can be easily done.

      Feel free to email me at greig@thereminhero.com regarding any ideas you have.


  5. Hi Greig

    I enjoyed your performances on BGT this year, I do think I can help you!! I too am a geek in some form or other and have a passion for music and believe I can help with your timing issues which you had on the show earlier this evening. If you would like a further chat please contact me?


  6. Hi Greig,

    I just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of everyone here at Coherent Scotland for Friday night.

    Your performance at the Galsgow Science Centre was perfect for our event, you went down a storm.

    It was a pleasure working with you and I wish you every success for the future.

    Take care

    Best regards

    Marie 🙂

  7. Great job on your theremin playing, Greig! I mostly sing but am learning to play theremin and mostly do experimental stuff with my electronic duo, Hyperbubble. We are from Texas and will be performing a gig in Edinburgh in July. I would love to catch one of your live shows if you’re playing – please post any upcomings gigs! Also, do you know where I can rent or borrow a theremin in the Edinburgh area? Thanks! Jess

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