14 thoughts on “My audition for Britain’s Got Talent

  1. Hi. Loved your audition on bgt. What was the song you played? I recognised it but don’t know why! Xx

  2. Loved you on Britain’s Got Talent!

    Finally found my one and only act that I’m going to be voting for!

    Will be watching you, rooting you on and voting for you at every stage.

    Good luck from a fellow retro video gamer!! 🙂


  3. Hey Greg,

    Just had to say I loved your confident response to the “It’s a little bit nerdy” comment at 0:48.

    It makes my inner redundant revolutionary want to shake its fist in the air and shout “nerd powaah!”



  4. Hi Greg, I’m from the states so I catch up with BGT after it gets posted. I did not see your audition but it was obviously good because you were on the semi-finals, which is the performance I just watched. First thing I want to “say” is FU&**K! Simon and that blond one for buzzing you and FU??##%K! all of them for using their “positions” for evil. It just makes me so angry when people stoop so low just to get a few chuckles with their mates at the expense of another. ESPECIALLY a situation like this when you are a television and don’t have your own posse or comfy chair and shield to sit behind. I listened to the first 2 “judges” and then part of the blond’s comment. Blondie’s comments were so void and lacked substance she didn’t have a reason for her action. It’s funny because I think the more the defensive the judges get to “prove” how bad an act is, “proves” they made a mistake. I forwarded and saw you make a retort to blondie….that’s great you can do that….then I heard Simon say something about it sounded like a cat scratching in the begining..? Ah no Mr. Pop that was Gary Newman’s song Cars… that was a great song to start with…nostalgic…like Soft Cell’s Tainted Love….total era songs that are always good to hear…and then I heard you mention something about programming all of the music or something…..point being you’re brilliant and you put tons of hours into it that they are clueless about…. I thought it was great you could concentrate through the buzzes…That is one flaw of sorts with the show I guess one act is men “risking their lives” by bouncing around and putting balls in hoops, to a singer, to a comedian, and I think in the preview water ballet? Oh and then that dog act…it is really good, but the “winner” of BGT is based on so many factors it is impossible to compare and judge all these different talents to each other (I think). Simon is all “I want your dog” Does he think she pays her dog to do that? Dogs aren’t born that way numbnut its called spending time and developing a genuine connection with your dog and working really hard with them…..I think he does have dogs but they ain’t gunna get up and dance with him when he pets them once a month because he’s never home……

  5. Dude you’re bloody awesome!! You’re my next idol!!

    As a foreigner myself (not native speaker at all), I couldn’t freaking find your full version performance of audition. It makes me go crazy at the end of the day 🙁 Is it just a lame copyright issue? Why the hell I can’t find any of them? I don’t know really how they broadcast Britian’s Got Talent, but in my country we also have that “Talent” show. We watch all performances including auditions. I don’t know if it is just my prediction, but I think they didn’t presented your full performance. If that is true, it’s really freaking disappointing!!!

    Plus, if I had been there, I would kill that woman!! (OK, calm down, just joking) She wouldn’t been there if the world didn’t have nerds, think twice, who invented electrictiy, television, telephones, computers, freaking LCD, LED screens, the speakers, and pretty much everything else (*blond logic*)?!

    Nerd = anti-stupid.
    I hate stupid people.

    Also you have awesome chiptunes dude!

  6. they didn’t show the full version?

    Awwwww!!! But why?

    Is there any way to see the full version of your audition?

    I love this!!

    Can you make an updated video of the Tetris theme like this one?

    It’s stuck in my head and it reminds me of when I played this game a lot as a kid!

    Good memories.

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