“Theremin Hero” & Neural Interface – Gimme Shelter 100% FC

I’m playing the vocal track to Gimme Shelter. Its supposedly one of the most difficult vocal tracks to get 100% in (according to the rockband forums), even though its only in the “Challenging” category.

Its important to note, I was purely going for the 100% score. I KNOW it doesnt sound good, so dont expect it to. In fact, I’m VERY out of tune in parts – especially at the start, and I expected to have failed this attempt. I blame the game for not being critical enough at expert level! Most of my other takes sounded better, but I normally got around 95%. Also, this song is not well suited to the theremin sound, but it had to be something challenging and this was the best of the bad choices available IMO.

The OCZ NIA (Neural Impulse Actuator) reads muscle tension in the facial muscles, which is how I was triggering it to make the loud ZAP sound. It also reads Alpha and Beta waves, as well as eye movements. I didnt need to use these for this video.

The reason for using the annoying ZAP sound was due to the nature of the sound needed to trigger overdrive and the cowbell parts. It needed to have a short sharp sound. I tried a few sound effects but this was the most reliable one. The sound plays through the same pair of headphones that were producing the theremin sound, and the speakers.

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