“Theremin Hero” First ever attempt – The Portal song (Still Alive) on Theremin.

f you dont know what a Theremin is, wikipedia it!

A simple concept – hard to believe no-one has tried this until now.
Take any singing game (e.g. Rock band) and “mod” the microphone – bury it into headphones which are playing only the Theremin output quite loud – but not loud enough to distort the sound.

Choose your song and go for it!

I chose The Portal song “Still Alive” by GLADoS. Its not often possible to bring three things I love together; Portal, Rock Band and Theremin. Today it was, and it was ALOT of fun.

I’m playing a Moog Etherwave Standard – with a few mistakes. Mainly because I wasnt taking this too seriously. If it catches on I’ll try for a 100% Full Combo, and some more difficult songs.

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