Avatar Theme on Theremin (I See You)

The Avatar Theme tune – “I See You” played on Theremin.

To celebrate the release of Avatar on Blu-Ray.. this is for all you Avatar fans!
I was inspired by MsFrizzyHair’s Flute cover using the same backing track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkY7pVOCgGg
It was stuck in my head for days (I actually prefer it to the sung version), and that usually means you subconciously want to play it! So yes, this is very much a copy of her video, even copying her style of playing (i’m so original, lol) .. But someone had to do it, this works really well on theremin 😀

I’m aware this isnt exactly how it’s sung, I sort of improvised in parts (read.. forgot the actual tune),

Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed playing this one.

The Theremin is a Moog Etherwave Plus.

The background track was found on clocktower234’s channel on youtube. It’s very impressive!

2 thoughts on “Avatar Theme on Theremin (I See You)

  1. Well done, this is very good. 😀 I’ve been practicing that one myself on my Etherwave. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to recording some videos myself! I’m not as good as you at it though. 🙁 How long have you been playing Theremin?

    P.S. Love the t-shirt. 😀

  2. That was amazing. You are really good. I am a musician myself but i could never play something like that on my instrument. Amazing.

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