To Zanarkand on Theremin, Flute, Piano & Guitar

“To Zanarkand” from the Final Fantasy X Soundtrack, performed on Theremin, Flute, Piano & Guitar.
This video features 3 musicians. They are:

Theremin – conquerearth aka ThereminHero (me)

Flute – MsFrizzyHair –

Guitar & Piano – Soda-o-rat –

Please comment and rate their videos too, they are extremely talented musicians!

This was not a live performance; these videos were recorded separately and in fact Soda-o-rat’s videos were not originally intended to fit together. The tempos of his tracks were warped to bring everything into a common timeframe. I then played my theremin part along to the resulting combined video, and asked MsFrizzyHair to do the same, to which she very kindly agreed. I am extremely happy with the result!

The theremin used here is a Moog Etherwave Plus.

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