Mario Kart Love Song on Theremin and Ukulele (YouJam Cover)

It’s valentines day, and I have nothing better to do than play theremin, so here’s something appropriate for the occasion. This is probably the least manly thing anyone has ever done, but whatever. Also, this is my first video where i’ve attempted to sing, and my be the last, lol.
Improvising, playing along to the excellent ukulele cover by dysmyelopoiesis. Uploaded with permission from her, Thanks!
her channel:

The original song by Sam Hart (blinktwice4y):

This was not a live recording. I saw dysmyelopoiesis’ ukulele part right here on youtube and decided to play along with it. We have only communicated via youtube; hence the term YouJam (Youtube Jam). If you dont know what a theremin is, check wikipedia at

The theremin used here is a Moog Etherwave Plus.

3 thoughts on “Mario Kart Love Song on Theremin and Ukulele (YouJam Cover)

  1. This is one of the sweetest things I ever watched someone do for valentine’s day. My heart wept… from this wonderfully emotionally charged music. Props to the both of you. Love Loempia

  2. Even that the play is not really clear (there are some tones which are off), you are really great playing this impressive instrument! 🙂 And I love your voice – you should do more singing.

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