ThereminHero @ Ultrachip, Edinburgh, Sat 20th August

Ultrachip is a two-day chipmusic festival based in Scotland, showcasing live chip musicians from the UK and beyond.

This year’s event is being hosted over Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th of August, at the Forest Cafe.  The lineup is truly exceptional, over 14 different chiptune artists including Firebrand Boy, Comptroller, We Are The Future and Edward Shallow. Check it out!

ThereminHero will be performing the opening performance on the second day of the festival (Saturday) at around 8pm (times to be finalised). The event is FREE! – Here’s my event on facebook, and the official event.

As well as the evening performances – which start at 8pm and finish after 2am on both nights –  there will be workshops and various events during the day, including an opportunity to try out “Theremin controlled Mario” for yourself.

If you’re new to chiptunes, or wondering what ultrachip might be like, have a look at the official YouTube Channel.

Here are 2 examples, showing how varied the acts were last year. Some were more crazy than others!



Avatar Theme on Theremin (I See You)

The Avatar Theme tune – “I See You” played on Theremin.

To celebrate the release of Avatar on Blu-Ray.. this is for all you Avatar fans!
I was inspired by MsFrizzyHair’s Flute cover using the same backing track.
It was stuck in my head for days (I actually prefer it to the sung version), and that usually means you subconciously want to play it! So yes, this is very much a copy of her video, even copying her style of playing (i’m so original, lol) .. But someone had to do it, this works really well on theremin 😀

I’m aware this isnt exactly how it’s sung, I sort of improvised in parts (read.. forgot the actual tune),

Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed playing this one.

The Theremin is a Moog Etherwave Plus.

The background track was found on clocktower234’s channel on youtube. It’s very impressive!

To Zanarkand on Theremin, Flute, Piano & Guitar

“To Zanarkand” from the Final Fantasy X Soundtrack, performed on Theremin, Flute, Piano & Guitar.
This video features 3 musicians. They are:

Theremin – conquerearth aka ThereminHero (me)

Flute – MsFrizzyHair –

Guitar & Piano – Soda-o-rat –

Please comment and rate their videos too, they are extremely talented musicians!

This was not a live performance; these videos were recorded separately and in fact Soda-o-rat’s videos were not originally intended to fit together. The tempos of his tracks were warped to bring everything into a common timeframe. I then played my theremin part along to the resulting combined video, and asked MsFrizzyHair to do the same, to which she very kindly agreed. I am extremely happy with the result!

The theremin used here is a Moog Etherwave Plus.

ThereminHero takes part in group performance at Southbank Centre in London

On Saturday, 17 April 2010, ThereminHero took part in a group theremin peformance of epic proportions, called Hands Off at Ether 2010 at the Southbank Centre in London. 20 of the UK’s finest Thereminists took part in what turned out to be an extrordinary day filled with incredible performances from the likes of the world renowned Lydia Kavina,
Chris Conway,
Alexander Thomas
Beat Frequency
AND a Theremin Cello duet.. among many others!

For more information about this event check here.

A group photo taken from the event is posted on Mike Buffington’s Blog.